Retail Max: Personal Power

Topics: Flipism, Vice President of the United States, Power Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Running head: PERSONAL POWER

RetailMax: Personal Power
Timothy D. Stroud
Grand Canyon University: LDR-610-O101 Power, Politics, and Influence October 31, 2012

RetailMax: Personal Power
Climbing the corporate ladder can be like playing a game. It can be fun and exciting if you know all of the rules and play fair. Or it can be dreary and arduous if you are finding out the rules as you go along and are playing with people that are less than ethical. The good news is that once you know the rules and apply yourself, you have a better chance of climbing upward. The bad news is that most people think they are playing the first game in which everyone is climbing up the ladder with little or no risk. They simply have forgotten that when you seek a reward that a certain amount of risk is involved.

Not all jobs can be likened to Chutes and Ladders® and that is where hard work comes into play. This is something that Mr. Cam Archer has learned as a retail account executive at RetailMax, Inc. In the first year at the Boston-based software company, Mr. Archer has been able to procure two solid job offers from within the company. As his internship ends, he is faced with which path to choose within RetailMax, Inc. One of the paths leads him further up the corporate ladder but at less pay and exposure within the company. The other path leads him to greater financial reward but with limited upward mobility. Potential Power

After reading both stories by M.S. Allen, it quickly becomes evident that Cam Archer holds a greater potential power than Regan Kessel. Even though Mr. Kessel is the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing (PMM), Cam Archer’s decision will shape that department and ripple throughout RetailMax, Inc. Cam’s hard work as paid off since he has worked hard, taken on added responsibilities, has made his boss look good, and was a great co-worker. Due to all of these things, he has earned a great deal of expert power within...
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