Retail Marketing Case Study - the Body Shop in Hong Kong

Topics: Retailing, Sustainability, Marketing Pages: 22 (5600 words) Published: June 2, 2012
Group Assignment

Course Code: 2096MKT Course Title: Retail Marketing Convener: Dr. Owen Wright

Group Members: Cheng Kwok Hung, Pat (2815157) Ng Wun Ying, Tiffany (2815764) Wan Po Yee, Lilian (2815159)

Due Date: 06-01-2011 Word Count: 3710

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Program

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 1. Literature Review 1.1 Sustainability 1.2 Store Design 1.3 Sustainable Store Design 2. Introduction of The Body Shop 3. Case Study: The Body Shop 3.1 Current Store Design 3.1.1 Store Infrastructure 3.1.2 Store Layout 3.1.3 Merchandise spatial planning 3.1.4 Visual Merchandising 4. Recommendation 5. Conclusion 6. References 1 2 2 3 6 7 8 8 9 11 12 13 14 23 24



Executive Summary

In Hong Kong, the concept of sustainability is not popular in the retailing industry, especially in the store design. Therefore, this report is to study the sustainability of retailing in Hong Kong about the store design.

Firstly, the literature review explains that what sustainability and store design is. Sustainability is defined as the ability maintaining the certain status or process in existing system. That can be focus on three different parts: (1) Environmental, (2) Social and (3) Economic. In this part, we also stated the objective of store design and the four major categories in store design: (1) Store Infrastructure, (2) Store Layout, (3) Merchandising Spatial Planning and (4) Visual Merchandise.

Second part of the report is the current situation of the retailing market. We have selected the retailing store, which is The Body Shop located at the Sai Yeung Choi Street South, for our case study. By observing the store, we analysis and stated the current store design base on the four major categories. And evaluate whether the current store design is sustainable or not.

Finally, after the observation and our evaluation of the sustainable store design, we give some recommendations for The Body Shop to improve the sustainability of their store design in that store.


1. Literature Review

1.1 Sustainability

Sustainability is defined as the ability maintaining the certain status or process in existing system. In the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED 1987), it defined „sustainability‟ as “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Sustainable indicators can be grouped into three major parts: Environmental, Social and Economics. 1. Environmental: To make sure that the project will not cause any undesirable damage and irreversible effects on the environment. 2. Social: To make sure that there is no harmful effects upon the society or any result in inequality. 3. Economics: To make sure that the result of the project is in healthy consumption and production patterns. Also it can achieve economic benefits in an efficient and effective way.

In the businesses, running with following guide lines would lead to the sustainable business: “1. Replace nationally and internationally produced items with products created locally and regionally. 2. Take responsibility for the effects they have on the natural world.


3. Do not require exotic sources of capital in order to develop and grow. 4. Engage in production processes that are human, worthy, dignified, and intrinsically satisfying. 5. Create objects of durability and long-term utility whose ultimate use or disposition will not be harmful to future generations. 6. Change consumers to customers through education.”1

As retailers, they can run their business in a more sustainable way in order to save the earth. Environmentally, they can helps to reduce the damage to environment through using recycled, renewable, and environmentally friendly materials. Also they can use the most energy-efficient machines and technologies. In the Social way, they can create a cleaner, safer and a healthier working area for employees. Last but not...
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