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Definition of Sales Techniques
Selling technique is the lists of methods used in the profession of sales, often referred to as personal selling; a sales person will use these sales techniques to help them open and close sales, if the sales person is successful then the business will benefit from the sales as this will enable them to earn a profit but if the sales person is unsuccessful then this will mean the business has missed out on opportunity on a sale that can damage the company’s profit, timing is also an important factor when dealing with sales, good timing will mean that not trying to conclude a deal to early and not leaving it to late to conclude the deal as both the sales person and the customer may get frustrated, the sales person will need to find out what the customer needs are as it helps to identify in future the customers need are. Primark will use sales techniques to ensure that their sales are effective; they will use a variety of methods to ensure that all their products are bought of the stock; one technique that Primark will use to ensure that this happens is promotional techniques Primark will sell fashionable clothes at a budget, they will also exploit their online website by allowing customers to view their range of clothing and buy online.

Definition of Customer Service
The meaning of customer service is the ability of a business to constantly and consistently exceed the customers’ expectations. The main aim is to deliver goods and services to customers. In order to do this a business has to recognize that every aspect of business has an impact on the customer service. Customer service is about focusing on the customers and making sure that they are satisfied, this is because customers who are satisfied tell an average of five people which can help to give a business a good reputation, customer service will help customers deal with any complaints or enquiries e.g. if a customer buys a faulty product and wants to refund the item...
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