Retail Gasoline Industry

Topics: Gasoline, Petroleum, Retailing Pages: 131 (42240 words) Published: December 8, 2012
by Jedidiah Brewer


A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY In the Graduate College THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA


UMI Number: 3288772

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THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA GRADUATE COLLEGE As members of the Dissertation Committee, we certify that we have read the dissertation prepared by Jedidiah Brewer entitled Competition in the Retail Gasoline Industry and recommend that it be accepted as fulfilling the dissertation requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy _______________________________________________________________________

Date: 11/08/07

Price Fishback

Date: 11/08/07 Date: 11/08/07

Keisuke Hirano

Stanley Reynolds

Final approval and acceptance of this dissertation is contingent upon the candidate’s submission of the final copies of the dissertation to the Graduate College. I hereby certify that I have read this dissertation prepared under my direction and recommend that it be accepted as fulfilling the dissertation requirement.

________________________________________________ Date: 11/08/07 Dissertation Director: Price Fishback


STATEMENT BY AUTHOR This dissertation has been submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for an advanced degree at the University of Arizona and is deposited in the University Library to be made available to borrowers under rules of the Library. Brief quotations from this dissertation are allowable without special permission, provided that accurate acknowledgment of source is made. Requests for permission for extended quotation from or reproduction of this manuscript in whole or in part may be granted by the head of the major department or the Dean of the Graduate College when in his or her judgment the proposed use of the material is in the interests of scholarship. In all other instances, however, permission must be obtained from the author.

SIGNED: Jedidiah Brewer


I would like to specially thank Price Fishback, Keisuke Hirano, and Stanley Reynolds for serving on my dissertation committee and providing valuable feedback that greatly improved the quality of this work. I would also like to thank Greg Crawford, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, David Reiley, and Mark Stegeman for helping me more concretely formulate my ideas in the early stages of the dissertation. Gary Libecap provided constant advice and encouragement. Furthermore, I would like to thank my colleagues Haimanti Bhattacharya, Carmen Carrion-Flores, Robert Cheley, Chung Choe, Joseph Cullen, Tim Davies, Oleksandr Shcherbakov, Adrian Stoian, Todd Sorensen, and Travis Rust, who each provided a listening ear and helpful suggestions. I owe much gratitude to NSF Grant #355770, Mark Walker, John Wooders, and the Department of Economics at the University of Arizona for providing financial assistance in collecting the datasets used to make this dissertation possible. I am also grateful to David Nelson for allowing me to use some of his data. I am indebted to Adam Baker who generously traveled with me to collect data. Lastly, I would like to thank my wife, Jordan Brewer, for her constant support throughout the years. She helped me collect data, read drafts, provided emotional stability, and sacrificed much to make this dissertation a successful completion.


I dedicate this dissertation to my parents Stephen and Tina Brewer....
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