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4. Key Information
4. Introduction to the Module
5. Intended Learning Outcomes
6. Outline Delivery
104.1 Attendance Requirements
11 Assessment
14How is My Work Marked?
17Assessment Criteria and Marking Standards
19Assessment Offences
21Learning Resources
239.1. Library
9.2. Other Resources
27. Module Evaluation
28. Report on Last Delivery of Module

1. Key Information

Module/Unit title: Retail Marketing

Module Leader: Tim Froggett
LAB 322, Cambridge Campus
Tel: 0845 1962

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2. Introduction to the Module

Welcome to the Retail Marketing module. This module aims to build on knowledge of the basic principles and practices of marketing by applying them in a retail context and to develop specialist knowledge of the retail industry from a marketing perspective. There are links to many other areas of your course: marketing, marketing management, consumer behaviour, pricing, purchasing and strategy.

It is through retailing that products and services are presented to consumers for personal purchase and consumption. Retailers are never far from the news and their marketing strategies and activities are highly visible to us as students of retailing and as consumers.

Retailing is an exciting, challenging and rewarding area of study and offers an increasing range of rewarding graduate careers. New trends emerge and new retailers prosper whilst established ones wither and die. The years of recession following the financial crisis have seen the failure of many retailers who had been part of the UK high street for decades: Woolworth (variety store), MFI (kitchens and bathrooms), The Pier (household accessories and gifts), Borders (books, magazines and music), Habitat (furniture and household goods), Dolcis (shoes), Blacks Leisure (camping and other outdoor clothing), La Senza (lingerie and nightwear), Hawkin’s Bazaar (toys, games and novelty). Trading conditions in 2011were so difficult for white goods and electrical retailer Comet that its owners Kesa Electrical sold it for £2 to investment company OpCapita and provided a cash injection of £50 million to the new owners. Comet finally went in to Administration during 2012.In contrast to this Rolls Royce Motor Company reported the highest sales value in its history for 2011whlist discount retailers such as Aldi, Lidl, and Netto continued to enjoy rapid year on year sales growth. Challenging economic times present an opportunity for retailers to adjust elements of their marketing mixes to reflect shoppers’ changing needs and wants and to develop innovative retail marketing strategies. During 2009 Tesco responded to the growth in discount grocery by developing it’s own discount brand range to go head to head with Aldi and Lidl in this increasingly important segment. In December 2012 Tesco finally...
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