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Describe the human resource manager’s role from the human resource manager’s viewpoint. The role of human resource professional in a corporation is essential. Human Resource managers contribute not only to business viability, but also the strategic planning and continued growth of personnel within the corporation (Huey, 1993). Moreover, Human Resource management oversees the business of managing people within an organization that included, but not limited to compensation, benefits, training and development, staffing, and a host of other functions. Without a doubt, the human resource managers role plays an entrical part in in the overall success of any organization, as a result, from the human resource manager’s point of view, having the opportunity to assist and develop others, is a phenomenal position to be in. Create a human resource management strategy for the retail store. Effective strategic planning is essential in the overall success of a corporation. However, goals must be defined before a strategy can be determined within a corporation. Corporations who allocate time to plan for the future, usually remains extremely competitive in the market. The retail industry fuels a healthy economy. Recently, the retail industry has assisted in providing employment opportunities to individuals who could not find work any place else. As a result, the proposed human resource management strategy for the retail store is to aspire to become the leading retail establishment initially in the United States by delivering healthy, sustainable growth with an improved return on investment. This strategy will be supported by ensuring the concept behind our retail stores would allow us to showcase quality merchandise at a competitive level. With the help of great people, outstanding products, efficient processes, and pleasant shopping experiences, it is our belief this strategic vision will lead to sustainable profit and growth.

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