Resurrection: Jesus Christ

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Dennis D. Oden
BIBL 323-201320-D01
Signs Paper

8 Miracle Signs-Gospel of John

This Paper will discuss and give a better understanding of the eight miracle signs in the gospel of John. It will further detail each one, and the purpose of these showing the deity of Jesus Christ. Of the 34 miracles recorded in the Gospel’s, John only places eight of these in the book of John. This is where John strives to show the deity of Christ and not himself. With all hopes everyone will understand this better. The definition of miracle can be construed as wonderful. As Reg Quirk says “indeed in whom there is no deceit” ( (Quirk 2008). Here he is speaking of Jesus Christ, John furthers this by his writings. The first sign being addressed is the Water into Wine. The six water pots plays a huge role in this first sign. This water was usually used to cleanse the feet of people coming (guests). Jesus directs them to fill the pots to the brim. Herein Jesus turns this water into new wine after the old wine had already been consumed. This in turn goes from back to front, saving the best for last. In John 2:8 says “And he said to them, Now draw some out and take it to the master of the feast” ( (Ryrie 2011). In this scripture the servants knew what Jesus had done, but the master of the feast was baffled. This also goes in line with the ‘old patch on a new garment” ( (Knight 2010). This gave the disciples belief in Jesus Christ, and shows his power as the son of God. As Ray Knight says “The result in this account was that the disciples believed on him and not just on the things he did or said.” This miracle asks us if we would be willing to do Jesus’ commands, and do what is given unto us. In this wedding it was about communion and this addresses our communion with Christ as well. This can be translated as ourselves either being old wine, given to sin, or everyone, with our free will be turned into new wine, or new birth into Jesus Christ. Jesus...