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Address, City, State Zip E-Mail Address and phone number EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON Month & Year of Graduation

Bachelor of Arts in History and list any additional majors here List any Certificates or Minors here Cumulative GPA or Major GPA (list only if above 3.0 and list whichever GPA is higher, your cumulative or major GPA) Relevant Projects: You may want to include details of relevant class projects or fieldwork here, especially if they are directly related to your employment goals. In sentence format, tell WHAT the project was, HOW you went about it and what the RESULTS were, if any. Relevant Courses: You may want to include specific courses in your area of emphasis or toward a certificate. List higher level electives only and list by name. (No course numbers)

OTHER COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES, City, State (list semesters abroad, transfers or other degrees) Degree and Major, dates attended (use the same format as your University of Wisconsin description above) If you did not receive a degree, put “Coursework toward B.A. in History” or “Courses included….”

HONORS AND AWARDS (use 2 bullets, if you have only one honor, put under GPA, or this category might not exist!) List any ACADEMIC OR EDUCATIONAL honors or awards or scholarships, i.e., Dean’s List, Fall 2011 Sports achievements and awards will be at the bottom under a PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS section

LEADERSHIP (this could be an ACTIVITIES or VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE section, or not exist at all!) Name of Organization, City, State Fall 2010-Present Officer/Position Title (Member since Fall 2008) List leadership experience in reverse chronological order (most recent first). No personal pronouns, I, me, they, our, etc. Leadership is different from work experience. If you were “leading” a group, either in a club, committee or team environment, list it. Sports are OK here if you were a captain. If you are a member, but not a leader, just change the category header. Or, call it LEADERSHIP AND ACTIVITIES if you have some of both. Name of Organization, City, State Fall 2009-Spring 2011 Officer/Position Title Quantify results and accomplishments of your position, not just responsibilities held. Tell the reader what YOU did, not what the committee/club as a whole did. Do you know how much money you raised, people you recruited, or impact you made, QUANTIFY! List this important info! Give details and show your level of responsibility. Use periods or not, just be consistent. Always use at least two bullet points. One position or activity is fine, this resume just has two.

Name of Company, City, State June 2011-Present Your Position Title List your positions in reverse chronological order and again quantify your results and accomplishments and highlight your level of responsibility. You can incorporate personal strengths into these bullets if you feel it helps explain your role. All work experience is relevant to employment goals and shows responsibility, time management, etc. Review resume writing hints on the back of this sample or on-line. Start each bullet with a strong action verb. A list is available in Career Connections. Employers will often scan for key words in your resume that apply to criteria in their job descriptions. Research jobs that interest you and use the relevant key words in your resume. Name of Company, City, State Summers 2008-2010 Your Position Title Avoid short phrase-y bullets, take the time to think of and write out a detailed description of what you did. Use past tense if the job is over and present tense if you are still there, i.e., June 2011 - Present Always use at least two bullet points

SKILLS (remember, skills are taught and tangible and do not include personal strengths, which are subjective) List any and all of your computer skills List language skills (classify your ability: Basic, Conversational, Proficient, Fluent)

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