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Topics: 1980, 1975, 1979 Pages: 6 (1339 words) Published: January 27, 2013
NAME: Wilson, Dane M.
RANK: Staff Sergeant
SSN: 000-00-0000ADDRESS: your address
Your phone

UNIT: HHC, 65th Medical Brigade
Yongsan Garrison, Korea APO AP 96205
DSN: 315-736-5505

OBJECTIVE: To obtain an appointment as a Warrant Officer, USAR, in MOS 420A, Human Resources Technician

CIVILIAN EDUCATION: 6 Sem. Hrs., University of Maryland University College; 14 Sem. Hrs., Central Texas College; 70 Sem. Hrs., North Central Institute


4 Jan 09 – 10 Feb 09
US Army Soldier Support Center
Fort Jackson, SC

24 Jan 08 – 6 Mar 08
US Army Soldier Support Center
Fort Jackson, SC

Currently attending course.

Distinguished Honor Graduate, placed on the Coveted Commandant’s List, and was also selected by my peers as the Distinguished Leadership Award recipient. Training focused on leadership, 42A MOS skills, and techniques at the Middle Management Level. Course prepares NCOs to supervise specific personnel functions at the battalion and higher levels, in a small Human Resources Office, and Human Resources service support activity. Leaders are able to advise the commander on personnel readiness and strength levels of reporting units; review reports, statistics, applications, and prepare recommendations for personnel actions to higher headquarters. Volunteered to serve as Student First Sergeant.

7 Jan 08 – 19 Jan 08
US Army Soldier Support Center
Fort Jackson, SC

13 Mar 06 – 24 Mar 06
Technical transportation of Hazardous Materials Course
Camp Casey, Korea

5 Jul 05 – 3 Aug 05
NCO Academy
Camp Jackson, Korea

Program of instruction is to perform the duties and execute the responsibilities of NCOs using the small group instruction approach. Emphasis placed on battle focused training, troop leading procedures, counseling, equal opportunity, physical fitness training and war fighting skills as an individual and as a team. Graduated with a 92% GPA.

Provides training in the use of regulatory documents for the transportation of hazardous materials. Areas of particular study include classification, shipping papers, marking and labeling, placarding, compatibility, as well as containers authorized for packaging of hazardous materials.

Training focused on basic principles related to Noncommissioned Officers leadership and responsibilities. This course focused on introductory material that is vital for enhancing basic communication skills, personal leadership responsibilities, training management, and resource management. It also influences on leadership characteristics, ethics, problem solving, styles of leadership, individual motivation, personal counseling, and the exercise of authority. Substantial attention is placed on teaching and leading personnel in a squad/section-sized field based environment. Received a first time “GO” on land navigation and all examinations.

20 Sep 05 – 23 Sep 05
Unit Armorer Course
Camp Humphreys, Korea

15 Jun 05 – 17 Jun 05
Environmental Compliance Officer Course
Yongsan Garrison, Korea

30 Jun 03 – 28 Aug 03
Personnel Management Specialist
US Army Soldier Support Center
Fort Jackson, SC
Training focused on the following topics: weapons operating systems, duties of the armorer, inspection policies and standards, firearms safety, marksmanship principles and techniques, weapons operating techniques, care and use of tools, the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS), physical security, arms room OPSEC, small arms disassembly and inspection, troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Training focused on enforcing policies and procedures on maintaining a pollution free environment and workplace. Training concepts included proper handling of environmentally hazardous materials, procedures for containing spills, and procedures to implement...
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