Topics: Tacoma, Washington, Leadership, Henry Foss High School Pages: 4 (702 words) Published: May 29, 2013
cell: (253) 359-5658| ShaLuJuan Williams
| Foss High School
2112 South Tyler Street
Tacoma, WA 98405|
Education (Class of 2013)| | |
Henry Foss High School| Advanced Academics (grade)
IB English (12), IB History of America (12) IB Pre- Calculus (11), IB World Literature (11),
AP Psychology (11), IB Biology (11), IB Art (11) , IB Contemporary World History (11)
IB Theory of Knowledge (11), Honors English (10, 9), Honors U.S. History (10)
| |
| College Preparatory Classes (grade)
* TRIO Collegebound (12, 10) Advanced Via Individual Development (9)| | Leadership| | |
Student Voice Project| Vice- President
* Nationally working with students to bridge the gap between youth and politics * Advocating on behalf of student rights
* Supporting national/state/ local student initiatives| 12

Bird Call Crew| Club Secretary * Building up the spirit throughout school
* Promoting community service and encouraging engagement from student body * Participating in student functions which includes games, pep assemblies etc.| 12| Color My World | City Director

* Connect with local restaurant in donating used crayons * Clean and locate local schools and/or organizations who are in need * Connect and distribute to low-income or need-based daycares, schools etc. | 12

Greater Tacoma Foundation | Youth Philanthropy Board Member * Greater Tacoma Foundations: Youth Against Violence
* Strive to encourage a positive environment throughout Pierce County * Asset profiles of organizations to who apply to receive| 12, 11
Youth Leading Change| Club Secretary
* Recorded meeting minutes and posted on various social networking sites * Promoted awareness around school about Breast Cancer, LGBT month, Black history etc. *...
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