Results of the Falklands War

Topics: Argentina, Falklands War, Néstor Kirchner Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Results of the Falklands War
1. Consequences for Argentina
* As a result of the Argentinean defeat, Galtieri was removed from power within three days of the surrender. Soon after this the military rule was over. The army no longer had authority over the Argentinean government. In 1995 10 members of the Junta, including Galtieri, were put on trial for crimes committed during the rule of the junta – they were sentenced to long term imprisonment. * The government, under pressure from rising public opposition was forced to lift bans on other political parties. As a result in October 1983 the democratic elections brought to power Raoul Alfonsin of the Radical Party. * Almost 700 Argentinean soldiers had died in the Falklands war. The majority of these soldiers were used as cannon fodder against the highly trained British soldiers. Many soldiers could not forget the conflict they engaged in. It has been estimated that more ex-servicemen have since died by committing suicide than died in the war itself. * Initially relations with Britain were badly damaged, however over the years the relationship has improved. In September 1985 the two countries signed an agreement to promote the search for gas and oil in the south-west Atlantic – this itself would hopefully stop any further conflict from occurring and encourage more cooperation in the future. Since then various visits have been made to Britain or Argentina from elected individuals, as a result, helping to improve relations between countries. * Argentinean historian Carol Escude believed that ‘that if Argentina had any chance of recovering the islands diplomatically before 1982, then after the invasion, the chances practically disappeared’. However many people still believe that the island still belongs to Argentina and on the 25th anniversary of this war, Argentine President Nestor Kirchner stressed that Britain had won only a ‘colonial victory’ and that this was unacceptable in the eyes of the...
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