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1. Contents 2 2. Background 3 3. Introduction 4 4. Methodology 5,6 5. Results 6,7,8 6. Discussions 10 7. Conclusion 10 8. Recommendations 10 9. References 11 10. Appendix

a) Appendix A Test polite 1 12 b) Appendix B revised questionnaire 13

eat4less (Europe) Ltd
10 Hockley Court
2401 Stratford Road
Hockley Heath
B94 6NW


Is a fast food restaurant selling a Varity of sandwiches, baguettes and Pennines at a bargain prices. They also sell a Varity of simple meals and jacket potatoes. Eat4Less offer fast food service made fresh for you to take away or dine in one of their cafe like restaurants. It’s a simple service, which offers value for money. ‘eat4less’ Is ideal for students with low in come and business people who are often on a busy schedule.

|Establishment |Date and time |Conditions | |Eat4Less |03/12/12 at 13.00pm |Busy lunch time rush |


Mystery shopping started back in the 1940’s with financial institutions. It then progressed to all different industries. Some fast food restaurants have mystery shoppers entering the establishment up to three times a day. (Dr Iliisha S. Neqwhouse)

A mystery shopper was undertaken for ‘eat4less’ in the ‘Paradise Forum’ Birmingham. The shoppers are employed by companies to creates value by standing in the shoes of customers and describing what they see and then sharing the issues and the ‘missed details’ from the experience with business leaders who can fix them. According to Mike-Wittenstein.

The main purpose of this report is to give an unbiased opinion of the restaurant, and to give an understanding of the experience you can expect to receive at ‘eat4less’. Also to give feedback to the restaurant to let them no the services they aim to provide is the one that customer receive.


• First approach was undertaken by researching what is needed to becoming a mystery shopper. What was the criterion needed to be able to give an unbiased option in mystery shopping. (Goggle and Wikipedia) (Dr Iliisha S. Neqwhouse) • Research in to completing a mystery shopper report, and then identifying the relevant questions needed and the Ideal layout to give a clear understanding of the intension of the questionnaire. (‘Dr Ilisha S. Newhouse’) (‘Mark Saunders’, ‘Philip Lewis’ and ‘Adrian Thornhill’ Third Addition’). • First draft of the mystery shopper questionnaire was inadequate. Not all of the guideline rules and questions that are out lines in ‘Dr Ilisha S. Newhouse’s’ Book are necessary. As you can see in ‘appendix 1 UCB cafeteria’. Identifying the kind of establishment you will be undertaking is required. Customer service is a key component all industries, however...
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