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How to Do Human Resources Strategic Planning
Basic Information About How to Plan Your Human Resources Department Function By Susan M. Heathfield, Guide
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Need basic information about Human Resources' strategic planning and management as a function or department within an organization? What are the appropriate goals, organization, and initiatives for a Human Resources department to pursue? Whether your HR function is a department of one or many, basic Human Resources strategic planning that includes internal organizational needs assessment and external benchmark comparisons is needed. This is how you need to approach and accomplish fundamental Human Resources' strategic planning. Develop a Human Resources Department Business Plan

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As you interact with your organization, it's important to be able to share the strategic goals of your Human Resources department. Otherwise, how will your organization leaders understand what value your department adds? They're definitely asking and need to see the value that you bring to the total organization. Developing a department business plan, with input from your organization, allows you to understand and communicate the HR functions contributions. It allows you to shape the expectations that your organization holds for what you will contribute and when. This transparency adds value to the goals and role of the HR department. Find out how to develop an HR business plan. Ads

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