Restorative Justice

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Restorative justice

In the restorative justice (RJ) city case study; Ed, David, and Mildred, had an unusual encounter. In this story about two young men breaking into a women’s home and violating her rights. In RJ city were this crime took place, the city has a very unique way of dealing with crime by using restorative justice. The restorative justice process emphasizes on repairing harm that is cause by crime. This repair includes the victim, the offender, and the members of the community. All these entities have to work together to create a way to repair the damage done by crimes in this city. The restorative justice process is also considered to be “the circle”. The circle is only performed when the offender admits responsibility for his or her actions. The restorative justice process had a positive outcome when it was used in RJ city. The restorative justice process is a way of looking at crime differently. It also creates solutions that not only seek punishment, but also determines the issues which lead up to the initial crime itself. The restorative justice process finds ways to resolve the issues at hand as well. The restorative process within RJ city while successful has changed many lives along the way. This process assists all of those persons involved. A little city call Restorative Justice or RJ city for short a burglary occurred that would have an impression on Mildred and her entire community. In RJ city crime is no stranger. There are some things that can be noted that differ from other major cities while handling crime. In RJ city “to restore justice” is there model. Even though all crimes are not under the restorative scope when determining the cause of the crime in itself, restorative justice is an effective tool within the criminal justice system because this form of justice contains the major focuses of the criminal justice system. Not to mention the restorative justice needs the criminal justice system in...
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