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A. Industry Profile

Putting up a business is not easy at this point of the downturn of the economy, it is really a game of chance, but also a game worth fighting for if it is planned carefully and if executed efficiently. Customers are looking for a product-type business that has uniqueness in satisfying the needs and wants of the customers.

The origins of ice cream can be traced back to at least the 4th century B.C., since then, Ice Cream became one of the most popular desserts in the whole world particularly in the Philippines; it was one of the favorite foods of Filipinos that has been eaten in the morning, afternoon, evening or in any time of the day, during summer or even in the rainy season. Because of this fact, the group decided to put up a business in line with the ice cream industry.

Here in Cabanatuan City, there are a number of ice cream manufacturer and retailers like Puno’s ice cream and sherbet, iScoop, Jollibee and Mcdonalds’ sundae, and others. They are the major and minor suppliers of the city’s ice cream industry.

B. Background of the Study

In an industry where competition is very strong, the group formulated an idea that will make the business “unique” on its line. The idea is to make the customer’s experience in the store “enjoyable” from the moment he/she enters the premises, from scooping to eating, from going out of the store and up to its return.

Since, as mentioned earlier, ice cream is one of the favorite foods of the Filipinos. Then, ice cream will be the focus of this study. It ought to determine if an ice cream parlor that has been modified in terms of its type of service will be feasible in Cabanatuan City.

C. Statement of the Problem
➢ How frequent do you eat ice cream? ➢ What flavors of ice cream do you usually buy? ➢ What factors do you take in consideration in buying your ice cream?

D. Significance of the Study

This study will aim to give benefits and points of view to the following people to be able them to further understand the importance of our study in their lives. To the employees:

1. This study will serve as guiding principles of the employees working in an ice cream parlor in a way that they will be able to know the status of the said parlor according to the level of their performances.

C. Operational Definition of Terms

1. Soft Serve Ice Cream
This is a type of ice cream that is softer than the regular one. Soft serve is generally lower in milk-fat (3% to 6%) than ice cream (10% to 18%) and is produced at a temperature of about −4 °C compared to ice cream, which is stored at −15 °C.

2. Point of Sale
It is a location where transaction occurs in exchange for goods. Here, orders are being taken and cash transactions between the customer and the business are being made.

3. Ala carte menu
This is a type of menu where the items written are priced individually.

4. Take-out orders
This are items that the customer ordered and requested it to be wrapped or packed in such a way he/she can take it out of the store.


Review of Related Literature

History of Ice Cream

As mentioned earlier the origins of ice cream can be traced back to at least the 4th century B.C. Early references include the Roman emperor Nero ( A.D. 37 -68) who ordered ice to be brought from the mountains and combined with fruit toppings, and King Tang (A.D...
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