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Orishas Point Of Sale Proposal

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the subject
Management Information System


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MIS Adviser

October 27, 2012


I. Abstract3
II. Introduction
2.1 Background of the Study4
2.2 Significance of the Study5
2.3 Problem Definition6
2.4 Objectives of the Study7
2.5 Scope and Constrains8

III. Appendixes
3.1 Individual Resume9
3.2 Documentation16
3.3 Examination Permits


The primary purpose of this study is to improve and develop the transaction and security system of the Orishas Restaurant. This case study intends the improvement of bill transaction of the guest, instead of a manual calculation. The restaurant must produce a high technology Point Of Sale (POS) to fasten the process, less time and effort.

Secondly, the case study focuses on the security purposes of the restaurant for the better arranged and to become successful.



The Orishas Restaurant and Karaoke Rooms is a family owned by Jocelyn Cinco Tsunoda with six months of existence which is located in Block 1 Lot 6 C. Highview Homes Congressional Rd. at Bagumbong Caloocan City. It is a casual fine-dining restaurant with a child friendly and family-oriented ambiance that suits their taste buds of the guest of an ages, that serves mouth-watering Asian cuisine and give good quality service yet affordable.

The restaurant transaction process is based on traditional or manual form. They just need to take and write the orders of the guest upon billing out. They will calculate the total amount of the guest’s order and send it to the guest for payment.

At the end of the day, they calculate their daily sales...
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