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Topics: Baseball, Restaurant, Millennium Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Compadre’s Mexican Restaurant will be promoted with a variety of marketing methods:
A grand opening will be held with a local Mariachi Band providing the music and entertainment. Compadre’s will hold their 1st taco eating contest and offer chips and salsa to the general public with a 10% discount on beer.

Compadre’s Mexican Restaurant will sponsor The Springville City Little League baseball team and will hold “Family Nite Fridays,” where kids eat half price with the purchase of an adult entrée. Ronald Moeller, hospitality consultant, says, “prepare ahead of time.” This means know your products. The manager must understand that the appearance of all menu items is very critical. He also suggests warm and caring service; establish eye contact and smile, smile, smile. He also suggests that the new trend is to be your customer’s advocate; follow the rules, and always remember the customer is first. As restaurant owners head into the new millennium, Moeller also advises that if you “schmooze and you won’t lose.” Pay close attention to your customer’s needs to demonstrate their respect and validate their importance. These key ideas will be the focus of Compadre's and Jill Robbins and her well-trained staff will completely satisfy the customer. One of the things that will make Compadre's a success is, with their excellent customer service, will be the emphasis on the second best marketing tool -- the menu. Compadre's Mexican restaurant will follow the “dos and don’ts of the millennium” suggested by Linda Lipsky, an expert in restaurant design. In the 1999 article “Designing Profitable Menus,” she recommends three colors for headings on the menu and to highlight certain menu items that are the restaurant’s specialty. Another important feature is the icons. This is a way to focus on more profitable items on the menu and choose a symbol that is appropriate to the restaurant’s theme. The theme for Compadre’s Mexican restaurant is families....
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