Restaurant Marketing Plan

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  • Published: October 22, 2014
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Executive Summary
There is an abundance of choice in our world today, whether its options for taste, or its options for necessity, we are surrounded by decisions. What if there was a place that honored our choices, and facilitated choosing the best option. This vision is becoming a reality with the Fuel Stop Café; it isn’t just a café where you choose white or wheat, it’s a café where you choose which one serves you better. Fuel Stop Café is designed to meet the needs of its consumers, not only in their fitness endeavors, but also in their preference of taste. As we have seen the fitness world growing at an exponential rate, the food industry is eating its dust. It is time for a restaurant to rise to the occasion and power the lives of those that thrive for self-empowerment. Through times of a rocky economy the average consumer has put their boots on to overcome its obstacles, whether it’s been by cutting spending, or increasing saving, these commitments should be honored. Fuel Stop Café honors those who wish to live a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank. Whether it be the mother of three on her trip to the soccer fields on a Saturday, or the crossfitter who needs to fuel his workout of the day, Fuel Stop Café has everyone covered. People should know what’s in their food; they should know what that food can do for them, and that is what sets our restaurant apart. Our locations are far from Las Vegas, so no gambling here, just real food, and real information, at affordable prices. Life is uncertain and often out of one’s control, but choice of food doesn’t have to be. At Fuel Stop Café we realize that no one person’s meal choice is the same; that is why our menu is designed for the consumer to pick and choose from a vast array of ingredients. Our staff is committed to providing exceptional service, not only in the quality of food we deliver, but also in their effectiveness at delivering true national information. We offer incentives for customers so as...
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