Restaurant Feasibility Study

Topics: Cagayan de Oro City, Food, Philippines Pages: 70 (14894 words) Published: October 10, 2011


I. THE BUSINESS DESCRIPTION------------------------------------ 1 a. NAME OF THE ESTABLISHMENT ------------------------------------ 2 b. LOGO ------------------------------------ 2

c. MISSION ------------------------------------ 3
d. VISION ------------------------------------ 3
e. PROJECT TIME TABLE ------------------------------------ 4 f. MODE OF FINANCING------------------------------------ 5 g. TYPE OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION ------------------------------------ 5 II. SITE ANALYSIS

a. LOCAL SITE EVALUATION------------------------------------ 6 b. GENERAL S0ITE EVALUATION------------------------------------ 6 III. MARKET ANALYSIS
a. MARKET DESCRIPTION------------------------------------ 7 b. MARKETING PROGRAM ------------------------------------ 8 IV. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS
A. LABOR REQUIREMENTS ------------------------------------ 9 a1.ORGANIZATIONAL CHART------------------------------------ 9 a2.JOB DESCRIPTION------------------------------------ 10 a3.JOB QUALIFICATION------------------------------------ 13 a4.OPERATING SCHEDULE------------------------------------ 17 a5.SALARY PROJECTION------------------------------------ 18 a6.PERSONNEL POLICIES------------------------------------ 19 a7.WORKING UNIFORM------------------------------------ 21 B. PRODUCT

b1.FOOD FLOW------------------------------------ 27
b2.MENU------------------------------------ 29
b3.PRICING PHILOSOPHY------------------------------------ 72 b4.STANDARD PURCHASE------------------------------------ 73 SPECIFICATIONS
LINENS, FURNITURES and FIXTURES, ------------------------------------ 77 SUPPLIES
b5a. Kitchen
b5b. Dinning Room
b5c. Bar
b5d. Office
C. UTILITIES----------------------------------- 86
D. AMBIANCE----------------------------------- 87
OR WASTE DISPOSAL----------------------------------- 88
F. PERMITS----------------------------------- 88
G. SPACE ALLOCATION----------------------------------- 89 H. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS----------------------------------- 90


Business planning allows the students to think of a unique establishment to put up in the city that will attract and persuade people to hop-in, relax and dine in at affordable price. Upon strolling the city of Golden Friendship, the group observed and realizes that there is no restaurant that serves Hawaiian foods. So, the proposed study is about Hawaiian restaurant that invites people for its unique theme. This establishment specialized seafood’s and meats that slightly combines the taste of favorite Filipino dishes. The Hawaiian music compliments the ambiance of the said establishment to emphasize the Hawaiian theme. The target markets of the establishment are students, professionals, tourists and other citizens in Cagayan De Oro. The group assures the costumer’s satisfaction through the service that it offers. In addition, the menu is controlled to provide customer satisfaction at an affordable price. Aloha Philippines help to increase the number of employment in the city through hiring number of graduates to provide the best quality among the establishment. Many food companies are flourishing in the city, that is why Aloha Philippines “shoots two bird in a bullet” through this management strategy. The criteria of uniqueness, food choice, kinds of service and the affordability of the menu hit the characteristics of the proposed establishment. This makes sure that it serves the international cuisine in Cagayan de Oro City.


The proponents named the business “Aloha Philippines Restaurant” because it comprises a Hawaiian theme that best suites the cuisines offered by...
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