Restaurant Evaluation

Topics: Filet mignon, Beef tenderloin, Remainder Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Week after week my wife and I would make time to watch Hell’s Kitchen. Sucked in by all its drama, from the audacity of those subordinates testing Chef Ramsay’s experience to the fool who dared questioning his authority in the kitchen. Week after week we would ask one another, “What is beef wellington?” Well, two weeks later we decided to start a Google Maps search of beef wellington. After calling restaurant after restaurant, refusal after refusal to make because of time to prepare and lack of demand. Classically, all hope was lost until I called a restaurant I have never heard of in the Gaslamp District of San Diego. While on the line with the hostess, I ask her if they serve beef wellington, she then tells me that she believes that they have recently discontinued it . Just my luck. She then puts me on hold so that she can go speak with the chef . The line comes back on, the chef has agreed to prepare this meal for us. Yes! Reservations made for the weekend and next to call are the babysitter and the wife to inform her to not make plans. Pulling up to the curb we were introduced by valet. Walking in to the restaurant you felt this sudden coziness from the low lighting and the cool temperature throughout the restaurant that made something as simple as holding hands that much more pleasant. Within minutes of our arrival we are being shown to our seats. The light murmurs of the other customers fill the room. Shortly after arriving at our seats the waiter shows up to clear the cluttered table of extra serving sets. He then begins to repeat our order that I had informed them of earlier that week, the beef wellington. He then asks if we have any additional orders we would like to make and being the hungry couple that we are, of course we did. It seems that the anticipation within us was even hungrier than we were for the wellington. The waiter had warned us of the time it takes for such perfection but it was getting to be a tad bit too long of a wait. I was sick...
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