Restaurant Concept: Full Concept with Full Market Research

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Menu Planning
Final Project: Market Research

Rough Concept: The menu will consist of familiar Hispanic dishes and American dishes that will have a Spanish twist on them. A majority of the dishes will have Dominican and Puerto Rican influence. There will be a few spicy dishes and some dishes will have the option to be spicy. Vegetarian dishes will be offered as well. Existing Market: Schoharie County is predominantly a Caucasian city; 96.6% are white, 1.5% black, .45 American Indian, and 2.3% Hispanic (U.S. Census Bureau). Cobleskill specifically contains 6,134 whites, 175 blacks, 150 Hispanics, 82 Asians, 46 American Indians, and 13 Pacific Islanders (National Relocation). Of this population, 2,175 Cobleskill residents have “white collar” jobs, 3,020 have “blue collar” jobs, and 430 are unemployed. The median age is 32.9, but a majority of the population is made of residents aged 15-19yrs old (1,222), 35-44 yrs old (757), 45-54 yrs old (751), and 20-24 yrs old (649) (National Relocation). Target Market: Based on the Cobleskill demographic research, my target audience would be younger Cobleskill residents. I would market my restaurant as casual dining. I would market my restaurant concept towards residents that are in high school, college, or just the younger workers of the middle class. Making the restaurant fun, exciting, unique, and fresh will appeal to my target audience. Also advertising at schools or other hangouts will help to bring in the crowd. In addition, the restaurant being located on the campus is more than helpful for attracting my target. However during the summer months when school is not in session, possibly converting the restaurant into more of a dance scene/bar will attract an older demographic that is also dominant in Cobleskill. Pricing:$5.00- $28.00 is the price range of my menu and I estimate that patrons will spend $40.00 per person.

L=local, Pt=parent, Pr=professor, and S=student
Pt, S, LSPr & PTPt, L, SSS & LL
QuestionsJuanita LindquistLara SyvertsenAnne
For special evening, what type of restaurant would you prefer to go to and how much per person would you expect to pay?Any restaurant •$50.00Italian Restaurant
$20.00No preference
$50.00Steak & Seafood or Fancy Italian
$20-$30A unique style restaurant
$15-$25Anything with good food
$30-$40American or Chinese
Everyday casual dining, what type of food do you seek out and how would you expect to spend per person?$5-$15Chinese •$5-$10No preference
$20.00Chinese, Italian/Pizza, Good Burger
$12-$16Caribbean style foods, spices, herbs/exotic fruits and veggies or fresh new style age cooking •$5-$10Anything good (No Fast Food)
How many times a month on the average do you dine out?5-6 times2 times1 time3-4 times2 times4-5 times4 times What us your favorite type of cuisine?Any/no preferenceItalianFrenchItalianCaribbean, Indian, Mexican, foods jammed packed with flavor and unusual flavorsDon’t have one, I like to try new things, anything that is goodChinese What do you think of my concept and do you think it would be appealing to your dining habits?YesYesAny concept with lots of vegetables and legumes would please me.I think it’s great, something I would try. I like different cuisines now and again.This concept fits well with my dining out habitsYes, it would be.I like the concept and I see it succeeding, but personally I am not a fan of Spanish/Hispanic Would you be willing to spend more at a restaurant where most of the food served was local? And if so how much more?A little •A littleYes

$4-$5 moreYes
$15-$20I would not spend more for local foodYes •Not a lot moreYes
Do you think it makes a difference whether the food is designated...
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