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The Alternative

By: John


Mission Statement2
Company Management/Fact Sheet2
Advisory Team2
Executive Summary3
The Alternative3
Business Goals3
The Concept4
Marketing Analysis4
Target Market4
Market Size5
Growth Trends5
Marketing Plan6
Advertising and Promotion6
Operations Plan7
Supply Chain8
Human Resources8
Risk Analysis9
The Team9
Projected Financial Statements10


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342 Main Street
Steinbach, Manitoba
R5G 0A4
Phone: (204) 392-2312

Our Mission
To be the #1 fast food restaurant that serves healthy and tasty food for today’s busy world at low prices.

Company Management


Position:Owner and Restaurant Manager


Advisory Team


Donna K.F. CampbellBankerFinance

Marcel JodoinLawyerOwner of SNJ

Brad KlippensteinAccountantOwner of Klippenstein

Executive Summary

The Alternative is a fairly new concept designed for today’s busy world that doesn’t have the time to prepare a healthy and tasty meal or go to a full-service restaurant; the alternative would be offering healthy fast food at similar fast food restaurant prices. Numerous Researches show that healthier meal options are the fastest-growing menu choices. This new concept that “The Alternative” will be offering intends to offer healthy and tasteful fast food to everyone who likes to or has to eat out.

The primary target market will most likely be people with at least some education, health-concerned individuals, all income levels, and individuals between the ages of 15-60 years. The secondary target market would include families with younger kids and Vegetarians. The restaurant’s physical appearances will be similar to a regular fast food restaurant; nothing fancy, basically a “get in, eat, get out” place. The price range for an average meal would be $5 - $10, and the projected first-year sales would be $261 000. In 5 years from now, the projected sales should $380 000 a year.

John, who is about to receive a certificate for small business management and also a diploma for Business Administration, will lead the venture. He will be the owner of The Alternative and will also be running the restaurant.

A sum of $60 000 will be invested by the owner into the restaurant and the remaining $240 000 will be borrowed from the Steinbach Credit Union and investors. After the money for has been loaned construction will begin so the first restaurant should open in September 2013.

The Alternative

The Alternative will be an incorporated business whose concept will be based on a regular fast food restaurant, meaning it will have a fast service, similar prices, and a drive-thru; however, the food being offered will be healthy. At this point in time, it seems like there’s not a cheap alternative for healthy-conscious consumers. Restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC are not fulfilling the needs for these consumers.


Short-term goal: To be the alternative to Steinbach’s Fast Food Restaurants for
health-concerned consumer

Long-term goal: To be successful and stable restaurant.

The Alternative will be offering pitas, wraps, homemade burgers, shrimp, fish, noodles and numerous salads. For beverages, there will be juices like apple, peach, orange and Fruitopia; however, there will also be regular pop drinks like Pepsi, coca cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke. If a liquor license will be given, there will be a few alcoholic beverages offered as well, for example, beer and wine. The food menu will be offered all day from...
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