Restaurant and Bar

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Work Plan

Statement of Problem
We are pitching an idea for an all you can eat all-inclusive Asian style cuisine. The restaurant will be located in Bellevue, Washington near Bellevue Square and within walking distance of the Microsoft and Expedia towers. The restaurant will offer a variety of Asian cuisines such as sushi, dim sum, teriyaki, and other popular foods sought by young adults and small families. We are asking for $750,000 from venture capitalists to finance our project.

Schedule/Division of the work
1-May| Bao Tu| Find detailed information for project and needs in Bellevue| 2-May| Peter Calimlim| Composition: List benefits and features of products and services related to business| 4-May| Timofey Khval| Research costs, other financial information completed| | Linh Ninh| Organization: Pick the important and related things to investors' needs| | My Tran| Research, develop market strategy|

10-May| Bao Tu| Set the target market and find their tastes. Find competitors and research them| | Linh Ninh| Develop ideas for opening|
| Peter Calimlim| Execution/Evaluation: Revise presentation for 3-4 minute speech. Practice Individually| 16-May| Group| Group meeting to share research and other ideas| 18-May| My Tran| Develop ideas for closing|

| Timofey Khval| Compile information into tables, financial statements, graphs| 23-May| Bao Tu| Finish research and preparation for presentation| 25-May| Timofey Khval| Analysis of information completed| | My Tran| Completion of rough draft for opening and offering| | Linh Ninh| Compete rough draft of marketing strategy, closing ideas| 27-May| Group| Finish research and individual portions. Meeting to develop presentation| 1-Jun| Group| Meeting to rehearse presentation, make final revisions| 4-Jun| Group| Meetings to continue rehearsal, work on visual aids (if necessary)| 6-Jun| Group| Presentation date|

1-May| Bao Tu| Find detailed...
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