Rest in Peace Essay

Topics: Mind, Thought, Shall and will Pages: 6 (1005 words) Published: February 21, 2011
On him our camera is now directed
so expect the unexpected

from the very beginning
he began telling.....

"I was a young simple boy
Whose only goal was to have a toy

Although i was brought up in a low place
but i was thanking god for his grace

I can remeber well
just as good as my name i can spell

how my feelings were
how i couldn't bare

when i knew that anytime she will be taken
then my mind wasn't in getting a toy or playin'

all my thinking has gone to another side
It once passed on mind that the only solution is suicide

But then i got that without her it would be the same
i wake up everyday frightened & saying her name

looking beside me seeing if she's gone away
or still beside me breathing she lays

to feel that your only one
might have gone

is like a stab that won't heal
hearing her calling me & appeal

She my mother
whom i consider my father ,my brother & even my lover

she had an uneasily cured disease
it's not a cough or a sneeze

it's a distruction in all her body cells
& unfortunately my father has gone away leaving no wealth

after knowing this , i began thinking
how am i gonna get the operation's money ,what kind of working ?

I asked in many places
The only reply was (sry , u're too young little jerk ,for u there is no place)

hearing their words always made me cry
saying that i have a mother who is about to die

asking again n again for a place to work in
but then i found no way to work & here began my sin

I decided to steal
aftering hearing my mother's unstoppable appeals

She didn't know
that i'm gonna do so

i began climbing houses
afraid to be seen just as mouses

a feeling that won't ever touch u
it was a sin , I knew

but there weren't any other choices
nothing called a kid ...nothing called toys

Although i was a boy of ten years
in need for someone to wipe his tears

i got the money for the operation
To get it ,i did wat's more than imagination

I took her to the hospital
how my feeling at that time !! oh , i can't tell

twelve hrs and came the doctor saying

pray for her to Rest in peace
We did our best ,but this was an uneasily cured disease

I felt it was a nightmare
but it was useless to stand and stare

It was real
what i've heard ,was her last appeal

i won't see her anymore
it was God's order ,no neither or nor

All i have done
was all useless as she has gone

i have no clue wat to do
just put urself in my shoe

i think u won't as i was a thief
u won't ever imagine the grief
A begger turned into a thief

A thief turned to a dealer
as my sin got bigger n bigger

streets became my only home
my pillow became a stone

and my shirt
became an old piece of cloth covered with dirt

dogs and cats became my neighbours
giving me the permission to sleep in their place...eating their food were like doing me favours

searching in pharmacies for my mother's medicine
turned into searching for food in a bin
getting money was always accompanied by a sin

a dealer was my job
after my mother's death ,what else i've got ?!

I've got drugs and cocaine
a mind so unclean

what worse could life bring?
at that time i dreamt of my wedding

the groom as me
the bride as any suitable she

but this was impossible and may be more
whom shall i love & dare to knock on her door

I was a begger ,a thief , a dealer, who lives in street
like an unbehaved wild animal hard to treat

i thought that it's better to suicide
as i can't get anything ,in need for a bride

one day i stood on the top of a high hill
and decided that i will fulfil

fulfill my decision
and i said gd bye , i didn't know what to say ,as i forgot my religion

i recognized , what would people say
when they find my body laying,will they bury me in a grave and say...

May god forgive him ,or Rest in peace????
but i discovered that i don't...
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