Resposibilities of a Christian/Catholic in a Free Society

Topics: Meaning of life, Positive psychology, God Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: January 22, 2008

Living as a Catholic in a free society is a great responsibility, one that is shared by all Catholics. Our actions need to match our principles, our values, and our ethics to be true to our Catholic ideals. It is our duty and responsibility to do all that we can to follow the Catholic teachings in order for us to be a positive Catholic influence on ourselves and others. We must make our decisions based on Catholic principles and not on reactions to our feelings. In other words, we must make our decisions based on God's word and not by emotion only. Our influence on others based on our Catholic beliefs will make us positive role models in a free society that ensures all of us freedom of religion. Our individual talents will be used for the good of all people. Our responsibilities as true Catholics are great but if we believe, have faith, and follow God's teachings, our job as positive role models will be easy.

As good Catholics we must have respect for life. This has great meaning. We must be supportive for other's needs. If we respect our lives, we can positively support others in their goals. We should all live by treating others how we would like to be treated. If we focus on seeing the good in people, we will also see God in them. Loving every moment of what life has to offer will give us a great appreciation and respect for life. The responsibility as good Catholics to respect life is to understand that life is a gift that we should cherish and thank God that we are given the opportunity to live freely.

Love and trust in God. These are words to live by. In a free society, we are fortunate to be able to practice this belief fully. If we trust in God, we also know that God is always there for us in good times and in bad. Having faith in God will get us through any situation. Believing even if we cannot see it is to be completely comfortable with our faith. We need to be...
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