Responsible Political Parties

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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During the nineteenth and twentieth century, Texas held a one-party Democratic state until the 1970’s. Throughout this time, Democrats were scattered everywhere with different ideas and opinions. They competed with each other and chose their decisions as individuals and not as an integrated team. After Republicans managed to break the continuous Democratic streak, Democrats started slowly shifting to the elephant side, making it the dominant party in Texas.

The Democratic Party has fragmented into two factions: conservative and liberal. Since the parties are separated and disorganized they are considered very weak. According to a survey taken in 2010, 52% were Republican supporters. While only 39% percent were Democrat supporters. The growth of Republicans increases each year, making the line of equal division no longer visible. They are also very complicated to identify with. For instance, when candidates, from the same party, take a different stance on a subject. It throws people off balance and makes it hard to comprehend which party they’re sided with.

Enforcing responsible parties would make it less confusing for voters to understand since they would be required to stand on the same issues. Then more people would be willing to participate in elections they understand.

Furthermore, if candidates were to follow specific party standards they would construct a better team that would benefit themselves and the communities they’re representing. Other democratic countries in the world have not so complex parties, and more people take part in voting. Responsible parties encourage voters to participate in elections that are simple to comprehend.

When runners are required to depend on the money they have raised, they look for wealthy followers to provide funding for their campaign. They lose their loyalty to their party and side with their supporters. On the other hand, orderly parties will impede the parties from becoming corrupt...
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