Responsible Parenthood

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Responsible Parent Hood
Responsible parenthood refers to the ability of couples or parents to respond to the needs and aspiration of the family and children. The size of a family should be a shared responsibility of a couples or parents based on their available resources and the standard of living they wish to achieve.

The family, in its varying forms, constitutes the primary focus of love, acceptance, and nurture, bringing fulfillment to parents and child. Healthful and whole personhoods develops as one is loved, responds to love, and in that relationship comes to wholeness as a child of God. Importance of having good family relationship

1. Provide education on humans’ sexuality and family life in its varying forms, including means of marriage enrichment, rights of children, responsible and joyful expression of sexuality, and changing attitudes. 2. Provide counseling opportunities for married couples and those approaching marriage on the principles of responsible parenthood. 3. Build understanding of problems to society by rapidly growing population of the world, and of the need to place personal decisions concerning childbearing in a context of the well-being of the community. 4. Provide each pregnant woman accessibility to comprehensive health care and nutrition adequate to ensure healthy children. 5. Make information and materials available to exercise responsible choice in the area of concept controls. Support the free flow of information about reputable, efficient, and safe non prescriptive contraceptive techniques through r=educational programs and through periodicals, radio, television and other advertising media. 6. Make provision in law and in practice for voluntary sterilization as an appropriate means, for some for conception control and family planning 7. Safeguard the legal option of abortion under standards of sound medical practice; Assist the states to make provisions in law and in practice for treating as adult’s minors who have, or think they have venereal diseases, or female minors who are, or think they are, pregnant, thereby eliminating the legal necessity for notifying parents or guardians prior to care and treatment. 8. Understand the family as encompassing a wider range of options than that of the two-generational unit of parents and children; promote the development of all socially responsible and life-enhancing expressions of the extended family. 9. View parenthood in the widest possible framework, recognizing that many children of the world today desperately need functioning parental figures, and also understanding that adults can realize choice and fulfillment of parenthood through adoption or foster care. 10. Encourage men and women to actively demonstrate their responsibility by creating a family context of nurture and growth in which children will have the opportunity to share in the mutual love and concern of their parents. 11. Be aware of the fears of many in poor and minority groups and developing nations about importance birth-planning, oppose any coercive use of such policies and services, and strive to see that family planning programs respect the dignity of each individual person as well as the cultural diversity groups Marriage

Marriage typically follows certain events. First is the courtship. This is generally defined as the “dating period” or when the man actually tries to please the woman. In some cultures, a marriage broker arranges the marriage between two individuals. Eventually, after courtship stage, the couple decides to become married. Reasons for getting into marriage

The most common reason for getting married is to enter a lasting relationship with the person they love. Marriage allows couples to share their lives together in an intimate, mature way. Specific reasons for getting into marriage

To have a family in order to secure relationship fore sometime and feel marriage is the best environment in...
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