Responsible Parenthood

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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* Ability of couples or parents to respond to the needs and aspiration of the family and children * Accountability for the actions and decisions in raising the children RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF PARENTS

* PD. NO.603 article of their children, persons or institutions dealing with the child’s development, primary and obligation to provide for their upbringing. * ARTICLE 45.right to discipline a child

* GENERAL DUTIES. Parent’s duties to their child:
1. Give affection, companionship, understanding
2. Benefits of moral guidance,self-discipline, religious instruction 3. Supervise
4. Inculate in then the value
5. Stimulate
6. Advise them properly
7. Always set a good example
8. Provide with adequate support
9. Administer

1. Upright and virtuous life with one’s religion,teaching of elders/mentors,bidding of clear conscience 2. Love,respect,obey to strengthen the family
3. Extend love to brothers/sisters
4. Exert utmost effort to develop potentials
5. Respect the customs and traditions
6. Participate actively in civic affairs
7. Help in observance of individual human rights

1. Right to be born
2. Right to a wholesome family life
3. Right to basic needs (foods,clothing,shelter,health)
4. Right for education
5. Right to live in a community
6. Right for protection
7. Right to an efficient and honest government

* Matrimony or wedlock
* Basically the socially recognized union between man & woman * Union of two ind. Of the opposite sex that is governed by the principles taught in the bible PHASES OF MARRIAGE
i. Courtship
Dating period or when the man tries to please the woman
ii. Engagement
Individual will have the ability and desire to participate actively in assessing regardless iii. Wedding
Both individual involved gradually mature...
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