Responsible Parent

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Be consistent with your children. When you threaten a punishment make sure to follow through with it. Avoid contradicting yourself and sending mixed messages. A child will never learn boundaries unless they receive consequences. Follow through or your children will walk all over you.

Earn their respect. Just because you birthed them does not mean that they owe you forever. Involve them in some of the decisions in the house. Acknowledge when they do good things like share or clean their room. Children need to grow up to be well-rounded adults because of their parents not in spite of them.

Establish a routine and stick to it. Children thrive on predictability so it is important to do the same things around the same times daily. Feed your children and put them down to sleep at the same times. When you stick to a routine, it is easier to manage the children and have free time for you and your spouse. Another added benefit is that the children are happier and less irritable on a schedule.

Instill values in your children. Responsible parenting means teaching your children to be responsible. Honesty, courage, respect, control and compassion are values that children need to learn and develop.

Support each other as much as possible. Avoid contradicting each other, especially in front of the children. Remember you and your spouse are a team, not adversaries.

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