Responsible Leadership in a Stakeholder Society- a Relational Perspective

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  • Published : January 18, 2012
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We understand responsible leadership as a social-relational and ethical phenomenon, which occurs in social processes of interaction. While the prevailing leadership literature has for the most part focused on the relationship between leaders and followers in the organization and defined followers as subordinates, we show in this article that leadership takes place in interaction with a multitude of followers as stakeholders inside and outside the corporation. Using an ethical lens, we discuss leadership responsibilities in a stakeholder society, thereby following Bass and Steidelmeier’s suggestion to discuss ‘‘leadership in the context of contemporary stakeholder theory’’ (1999: 200). Moreover, from a relational and stakeholder perspective we approach the questions: What is responsible leadership? What makes a responsible leader? What qualities are needed? Finally, we propose a so-called ‘‘roles model’’ of responsible leadership, which gives a gestalt to a responsible leader and describes the different roles he or she takes in leading stakeholders and business in society.

Leading in a global and interconnected world: clients and customers, employees, business partners, social and natural environment, shareholders

Leadership and stakeholder theory

Towards a theory of responsible leadership- What is the purpose of leadership in a stakeholder society: Engage with others

What is the function of the leader in the leader–follower relationship?

The results and success of leadershipdepend on the constructions and co-ordinated actions of both leaders and stakeholders the results and success of leadership depend on the constructions and co-ordinated actions of both leaders and stakeholders

What makes a responsible leader?
Responsible leadership is the art of building and sustaining good relationships to all relevant stakeholders

What qualities do responsible leaders need?
Ethical intelligence consists of three key components: moral...
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