Responsibility: Too Much, Too Soon

Topics: Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse, Adolescence Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: February 15, 2011
In this day and age where fitting in seems to be the custom, and torn hymens is in, teenagers are all the more faced with many pressures. These transpire at home and in school but the most common pressure that teenagers come up against leaving them unable to make right decisions is peer pressure. The industrial revolution is not the sole radical transformation the world has been beset. Along with it came the sexual revolution that has marshaled in the trend of needing to have enough sexual experiences so as to go with the current fad and be considered in the bandwagon.

More often than not, teens do certain things only because the rest of the world, or at least, all the members of their clique are. Indirectly, they are led to a complacency supported by the lie that it is all right; after all, everybody is doing it.

One of the most recurrent circumstances teenagers get themselves into is becoming a parent at a young age, presumably, as a result of pressure to engage in pre-marital sex from their peers.

Teenage pregnancy is a story that is not at all pleasant to be heard, but one that is relayed all too often. In the ultimate sense, teenage pregnancy is a live birth, fetal death or abortion occurring to a female under 20 years of age. The term in everyday speech usually refers to women who have not reached legal adulthood, which varies across the world, who become pregnant.

In some places like sub-Saharan African countries, it is often seen as a blessing because it is a proof of the young woman’s fertility. In the Philippines, however, it is seen as a disgrace to the family to which the teenage mother belongs. For the parents, knowing that their unmarried child is expecting at any age, can be down right terrifying let alone knowing that their teenage daughter is. The pregnancy can give a feeling of embarrassment, shame, fear and disappointment to the parents and to the expectant mother as well. Worse, the pregnancy, in a way, appraises the society as...
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