Responsibility of a Hero

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Responsibility of a Hero

A hero is someone that has a sense of responsibility to protect the ones that they care about. With a true hero they will go to any length that’s possible to make sure their love ones are protected from harm and well taken care of. As a mom of two boys I go to any length that is possible to make sure that they are well taken care of and safe of any harm that is might come to them. There are some people that will get called a hero when they have done some things that are or can be referred as to be commendable for their actions. There was a critical moment in 3:10 to Yuma when Dan Evens was overpower dang got pinned to the floor and struggled to stay alive, he was nearly breathless from the outlaw Ben Wade gave him. Dan offered to go with a group of men to take Ben to the train station where he would be going to a federal pen.

Dan was a Union Soldier had fought in the Civil War where his foot was shot by another soldier that was in his unit. When the movie first started off it shows Dan is sitting in a chair waiting awake and armed, to try and stop from his barn getting blazed by some men that worked for Glen Hollander. Dan owes Hollander some money, they told Dan he had a week and then his house would be next. Dan and his family ran outside to see what was going on and then William runs into the barn to save the feed that was left for the cattle. Dan cattle were taken by Ben and his gang to be used for a diversion to stop a stagecoach. Dan had to drag William out of the barn because the fire was getting bigger and he didn’t want anything happen to William. The next morning Dan and his two sons go out and drive the herd, and then they run to Ben Wade and his gang of outlaws.

Dan was shamed of what happen to him and was unable to tell his boys the true story about what happen to his foot in the war. Dan didn’t want his boys to look at him any different than they do know he wants them to still think of him as a hero. Dan thought if they knew what really happen they would not think of him as a hero. With 3:10 to Yuma the story talks about how there are more than one hero in different ways from Dan to his son William. Dan was doing whatever he thought was right for him to be able to support and protect his family in any way that he could. Ben started to show that he cared about Dan and his family. William ended up leaving his house after his dad told him to stay and protect his mom and little brother. William went and helped Dan take Ben to the train.

3:10 to Yuma starts to show that there is a distance between Dan and Ben; they both are different in important ways. Dan was having trouble with making ends meet to support his family. So he offers to go with some men to take Ben to the train which turns into a big payday that will help Dan and his family. The train was located into another town and it was going to be a long trip for them all. Ben is a leader of a gang that is vicious and kills people to get what they want. He never kills anyone unless he feels that it’s necessary, he also has a sense of his own rules and is own definition on how to do things. Then on one hand I can agree with Robert Ray when he says “the outlaw and the official hero” in his article The Thematic Paradigm (342). Ray also argues that how an outlaw can be counted as a hero just like a hero from a movie can be. But on the other hand, I still insist that anyone can be a hero in somebody eye.

The movie shows a communication between two different men that are part of a different social group and they have different backgrounds. While Dan was escorting Ben to the train, William showed up in the middle of the night to help his father out to take him to the train. William wanted to be able to help his father on escorting his Ben to the train, seems like that William wanted to show Dan that he was able to help out when it comes to important things. Dan and Ben started to tell each other things that happen in their past....
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