Responsibility and Leadership of a Non-Commissioned Officer

Topics: Non-commissioned officer, Commendation Medal, Achievement Medal Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: December 1, 2011
The responsibilities and leadership roles of an NCO are outlined in The Non-Commissioned Officer Creed. But what is leadership and responsibilities? Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Responsibility is answerable or accountable, as for something within one's power, control, or management.

As it states in The NCO Creed you as an (NCO) Noncommissioned Officer are a leader of Soldiers. It is your responsibility to accomplish the mission and take care of the welfare of your soldiers. Whatever mission we are given whether on the battlefield or in garrison we must make sure we finish every task to the best of our ability and to standard. This also entails making sure that the Soldier is taking care of as well, because if the Soldier is not doing well or it’s family isn’t doing good. Then the Soldier will not do the full potential that it is capable of doing. When we take care of our Soldiers it means we as Noncommissioned Officers are responsible for the personal appearance and cleanliness of their soldiers but also mental, emotional, financial and physical so we can train them so they can do their job. We must make sure our Soldiers are ready to fight at any moment’s notice. So we will always make sure that the Soldier will be able to accomplish the mission that is handed down to them. It is our responsibility to remain technically and tactically proficient. This means to train as we fight so when we are fighting the enemy we are doing what we have been training to do all along and using it on the battlefield. We as Noncommissioned Officers are to be knowledgably of all types of training and make sure the Soldiers know the information as well. The training can be anything from learning how to flank the enemy to learning how to use a specific vehicle or packing gear a certain way. Whatever the task maybe we as Noncommissioned Officers must always make sure we are constantly training so we are always ready. The...
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