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Responsibilities of Employees

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Responsibilities of Employees

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1.1 Standards of ethical behaviour
Maintaining ethical standards, including appropriate internal controls and adherence to local laws and regulations, is the responsibility of every member of the Britannia family. Early identification and resolution of ethical issues that may arise are critical to maintaining our commitment to world-class business practices.

All employees are expected to treat compliance with ethical standards as a critical element of their responsibilities. You should use your judgment and common sense; if something seems unethical or improper, it probably is. If you have any questions regarding the best course of action in a particular situation, or if you suspect a possible violation of a law, regulation or Britannia ethical standard, you should seek advice from the appropriate authority, which could be:

- Your immediate superior
- Regional Personnel Manager / Human Resource Manager
- Head of your function
- Compliance Officer
- Chief Financial Officer
- Chief Executive Officer
- Audit Committee
- Board of Directors
1.2 Protecting Corporate Assets
Britannia's assets are to be used only for the legitimate business purposes of the Company and its subsidiaries, by authorized employees or their designees only. Assets include cash, securities, business plans, consumer information, customer information, product recipes, packaging standards, proprietary processes, quality standards, machinery designs, supplier information, distributor information, intellectual property (computer programs, models and other items), trademarks and copyrights, physical property and services.

Company assets must not be used for personal benefit except where permitted by Britannia in line with Company policy. Misappropriation of corporate assets is a breach of your duty to Britannia and may constitute an act of fraud against the company. Similarly, carelessness or waste in regard to company assets...

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