Responsibilities at a Fitness Club

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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For the last three years, I’ve been working at a fitness club. I was promoted to the front desk manager last year after the previous manager and half of the front desk team left at short notice. Although I was excited by the opportunity of taking on more responsibilities, I was soon faced with significant challenges.

Shortly after taking the position, the directors of the company went on vacation out of the country, leaving me as the acting director with two other managers in charge of the daily operations. As the front desk manager, I had the responsibility of scheduling three thousand customers into our different programs, but my team was short staffed and had newly hired employees who were untrained. With the limited support, I knew that I had to put in all my effort and attention into making sure that I got the assignment done on time. Several days after the directors left, one of the managers had to take time off due to sickness and the other manager resigned from the position without any notice. Suddenly, I found myself with the responsibility of facilitating the entire company.

With the deadline approaching, I had to work overtime in order for me to make sure all departments were operating smoothly. The only way to accomplish what needed to be done was by managing time efficiently and delegating work to my staff. I took time to train and identify the strengths of the staff, assigning work according to their skills. Because of my determination and focus under pressure, we were able to overcome the challenges and produced an incredible amount of quality work with a small, inexperienced team. I learned that with determination and hard work, I can overcome any unforeseen obstacles.

When the directors returned, they were impressed with how I calmly handled this difficult situation single handedly. I was awarded employee of the year for my performance under pressure and excellence in leading the team. I intend to put in the same amount of dedication...
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