Responsibilities and Boundaries of a Teacher: Teaching-Training Cycle

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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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Theory Assignment 1
Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

Teaching should be a learning experience for both the teacher and the students; we never stop learning, whether it is the unconscious referral to past experiences that prevents us taking a wrong turn down a well trodden path or a conscious decision to learn a new skill. As teachers it is our role to ease learners through the process of learning, Coffield, F (2008) supports this by stating that teaching and learning are not separate activities but “intertwined elements of a double sided, interactive process” which is enabled by the understanding and implementation of the key stages of the teaching/training cycle. The 5 Key Stages are: Identify needs, Planning and design, Delivery, Assess & Evaluate.

Identify needs:
Adult learners bring a wide range of abilities, skills and life experiences to the classroom and these can influence the way they learn. It is a crucial responsibility of the teacher to ensure that learning needs are identified in order that delivery can be planned or adjusted to meet these needs. When delivering short, legislative courses, identification of needs is not always achieved prior to commencement of delivery for many reasons. In some cases enrolment is completed by employers who may not be aware of learners’ literacy, numeracy or special needs, (e.g. dyslexia); some learners may have had previous bad experiences of learning but require the qualification to do their current job, or employees may just “have been sent” by their employer so may bring a negative attitude. It is the teacher’s role to identify any issues as early as possible and to implement delivery and support strategies ensuring learner needs are met throughout the delivery, at the same time respecting learners’ rights to confidentiality.

Planning & Design:
It is the responsibility of the teacher to plan and design the course to meet the needs...
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