Responses to Tiger Mom Article

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  • Published : December 17, 2013
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Responses to Tiger Mom Article

In Paul, Annie Murphy’s article “The Roar of the Tiger Mom”, we read about how a mother Amy Chua raised her kids in a strict matter in order to make sure her two daughters were prepared for their futures. Amy Chua raised her daughters in Chinese tradition to which parents are strict with their children especially in school. Amy then became known as a tiger mom. Tiger Mom’s are defined as, a very strict mother who makes her children work particularly hard and restricts their free time so that they continually achieve the highest grades.

Tiger Mom’s parenting is a form of empowerment in my opinion. Tiger Mom’s have a way of wanting you to do better in life and especially in the future. If more mothers parented the way Amy Chua did, there would definitely be more gifted children in the world. “Never, ever disgrace me like that again,” Chua’s father told her (18,2), this to me in a since is empowerment because the mean and negative things can infact make children want to push themselves to do better. Many children in an America are lazy and don’t strive to give themselves goals, especially academically. Empowerment is something we even as a country need more of for our children. Tiger Mom’s are a critical understandment of parenting to push children to prepare for their futures.

I agree with Tiger Mom’s objectives but not with all of her methods. Tiger Mom’s objectives are truly remarkable in my opinion, but I would change possibly 2 ways of her methods. One change I would make is to allow her children to have time to spend with their friends. I would change this simply for the fact that her children are still kids and should be able to still enjoy their childhood while they can. Also, that as a changed method would help children from being sheltered and help them to be social individuals. Another change of method would be to show more compassion to the children. An example of why that method should be change is,...
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