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  • Published : April 7, 2012
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Assignment 1.1: Forum Discussion, Chapters 1 & 2
Kizzy Reed
Jones International University
February 8, 2012

Assignment 1.1: Forum Discussion, Chapters 1 & 2
Response to Questions from Chapter 1
7 How do product cost effect the financial statements? How does the classification of product cost (as an asset vs. an expense) affect net income? One asset (product cost cash payments) will decrease while one asset (product) increases. The product is an asset until it is sold. The expenses for products will not be seen until the product is sold (Edmonds, 2011) 8 What is an indirect cost? Provide examples of product costs that would be classified as indirect. Cost of products and services that cannot be traced in a cost effective way. Example would are factory utilities, rental of manufacturing facility, and depreciation of manufacturing assets (Edmonds, 2011) 10 Why is cost classification important to managers?

To minimize taxes (Edmonds, 2011)
12 How has the Institute of Management Accountants responded to the need for high standards of ethical conduct in the accounting profession? The IMA issued an A Statement of Ethical Professional Practice (Edmonds, 2011).

Response to Questions from Chapter 2
2 How can knowing cost behavior relative to volume fluctuations affect decision making? Managers will know of to effectively plan and control costs (Edmonds, 2011). 3 Define the Term operating leverage and explain how it affects profits. A proportionate cost based on condition of generating a larger percent change in net income for a percentage change in revenue (Edmonds, 2011). The higher the fixed cost to total costs proportions result in a great operating leverage (Edmonds, 2011). Contribution Margin / Net Income

10 How is the relevant range of activity related to fix and variable cost? Give an example of how the definitions of these costs become invalid when volume is outside the relevant range. When activities increase fixed cost per unit will...
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