Response: a Day Without Mexicans

Topics: United States, Mexico, California Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: November 28, 2011
In response to the article a Day without Mexicans by Jorge Ramos. In which the condectoro de noticia Univision comments on the “A Day Without Mexican” a “Falso documental” as stated by director Sergio Arau. I would have to agree that only one day without Mexicans in California would result in a domino like affect of events. The State depends on the labor and leadership of Latinos more than it knows. The picture this article paints and not so far fetched. Even though some may think it to be exgarrated, and would prefer Mexicans to go back to Mexico. The things is they might want to consider the facts.

I believe there is people in California or better yet the United States that do not realize the impact Mexicans have in this country. Latino are not working fields a major part the agriculture in this country. Latinos are also becoming the Teachers, lawyers, and doctors. As well as the congressmen, and leaders of communities. According to the 2010 cencus “Hispanics in California make up 37% of the population” You can imgine the influence the Latino vote has. And this is not counting the ilegeal immagrants who are not accounted for. Companies know the influence latinos have on the economy. Now a days you can turn on the television and flips through the magaines and see a great array of advertisments targeted to Latinos. These advertisements are not just on Spanish networks & Magazine, but mainstream English networks and magazines as well. Even so that the English networks host the Latin Grammies on there own networks with cermicials in Spanish! They know Latino targeted advertisments are money makers.
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