Response to A Long Way Gone

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Gleb Gritsinin.
A Block

Responce to "A Long Way Gone"

As seen in many means of propoganda, wether it is a specific advertisement to increase awareness or a documentary, Boy Soldiers are a common practice amongst the militaries of mostly unstable countries and estates. It is not because they believe that the boys would be the most lethal weapon they posess, it is because they have but little of anything else to try. Any country using youth of 12 or 13 years of age to kill its opponents simply shows the true face of its desperation. An underdeveloped country such as Sierra Leone serves as a vivid example of such doings.

Through the eyes of Ishmael Beah we experience the extent of how cruel and merciless can humans be when it comes to greed for power or urge for so-called freedom. As corruption spreads its roots throughout governments and its representatives it is the main population of that land who are going to suffer the most. The violence serves as a gateway for children with not fully developed bodies and minds to become an instrument - easily bendable at its masters will. When Beah was only 12 the War had decended upon his village and consuming it as if the foundations of families and generations of struggle to create that little village were as insignificant as mere dust on a counter.(p 6 paragraph 1) Beah was separated from his family and at that moment the inception of hatered had begun. First it was fear. Fear of not knowing: not knowing wether his family was alive or not, wether he is going to live or die in next 10 minutes. Fear of being alone yet acceptance of it because being alone seemed to be the safest way of life. He had traveled many miles, from village to village, in and out of forests, and witnesed the horrors of caused by thirst for power.

Ishmael had stumbled upon a few friends along his journey, with whom he traveled further in search of his parents and relatives. The goal was mutual. The hope was mutual, that at...
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