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Topics: Male, Man, Female Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Tough Guise in Guyland

In the documentary by Jackson Katz, an anti violence educator, Tough Guise, many aspects of society and the effect it has on the men today were discussed. There is a huge comparison of society today and society forty years ago. The image, the persona, and the beliefs of what a man is have all been tainted. Men should now be intimidating, angry, aggressive, testosterone raging beasts.

First, the image of a man has dramatically changed. As Jackson Katz quoted, males are now huge, bulky and muscular; whereas women are now anorexic, boney and thin. For example, A G-I Joe action figure had the arm circumference of twelve inches in the 1970’s; today the arm has a circumference of 26.6inches. In addition, other action figures have greatened in size and muscle index, even the Star Wars action figures! In contrast, women with full figures were seen as attractive. Marilyn Monroe was a size twelve. Today eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, have flooded our nation. Girls everywhere are trying to be the ideal size two. The image of men being big and muscular and women small and petite has a huge effect on Guyland. To begin, if a man is not the big and strong, he is seen as weak, possibly “gay”. As in chapter four of Guyland, written by Michael Kimmel, guys can be ridiculed and harassed if they do not fit the norm of what a man is. In high school, it is a vital time for boys to show their masculinity. Kimmel gives many examples of the smaller, smart, socially awkward boys being mocked and made fun of. In return, many of these boys become suicidal or vengeful. As Katz quotes, over 85 percent of murders are committed by men and almost all school shootings are. Guys are taught to be the violent, intimidating and the dominate sort. Therefore, they are taught to get even. In addition to the physical violence that occurs between men and men, the violence also occurs between men and women. Television shows and film depict women...
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