Response to the Spiritual Conquest

Topics: Bible, God, Jesus Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: June 22, 2008
Three years after Hernan Cortés captured the Mexican capital of Tenochtitlan in 1521, the Spanish continued to deceive the Indians into giving them goods and taking over their land. They decided that a good way of doing that would be to convince the native people that they were worshipping the wrong God and they should learn about the right God so they can convert to Catholicism To work this plan, Spanish minister general Francisco de los Angeles ordered twelve friars, now known as the “apostolic twelve” to go to New Spain. These friars had a strong desire to make the Indians learn about God and to eventually convert them to Catholicism. Before they could converse with the common natives about it, they had to face the lords and holy men of Tenochtitlan. Though the Spanish gave them their proposal, their desired results did not come up as planned because the Indians were reluctant to replace their customs with the newcomers’ religious set of guidelines for their own, which ultimately resulted in an ongoing battle of turmoil and conformity. When the Spanish arrived to Spain, their goal of evangelizing the Indians and converting them to Catholicism was stronger than ever. They depicted the Indians as “unbelievers powerlessly awaiting a redemption of which they are completely ignorant.” During the process of conversion, they expected them to take the holy bible as their own to read, as well as attend church whenever possible in order to gain a connection from God. Furthermore, they wanted the Indians to respect the Spanish friars and evangelists so that conversion would be easier for them (the Spanish). If they did not object to that, then the Spanish would act cruel towards them until they complied. When the Indians heard what the Spanish had to say, they naturally became skeptical about the situation. It greatly scared them to hear such a thing because no one ever told them that they were worshipping the wrong God. Furthermore, they feared the wrath of their...
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