Response to Lucifer Effect

Topics: Stanford prison experiment, Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse, Milgram experiment Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Ashley Barney
Critical Response #1
Robert J, Wafula
January 26, 2012

A Critical Response to the Lucifer Effect

Philip Zambardo tries to establish in his writing how someone of good morals can exhibit harsh actions, what it takes for them to do such an unspeakable act, and the evidence of ungodly actions in recent history. The Lucifer Effect is organized in Mini Chapters to structure Zambardo’s writing. In the beginning of the essay, Zambardo states the Lucifer Effect is his way to understand what happens in the time a good person does an evil act. Zambardo would like to know what happens in this transformation of a regular civilian to turn dark and dangerous. He calls the transformation the Lucifer Effect. This transformation is not what sounds like; it does not take a religious aspect but a psychological one. It is the Zambardo gives many examples, including the Abu Ghraib Prison. This example demonstrated how good soldiers turned in to “A Few Bad Apples”. (Zambardo, pg.155). When tormenting Iraqi prisoners in sexual and demeaning ways. Zamardo also introduces his experiment from the 1970”s. This experiment was conducted by Zambardo himself. It was a random picking of normal college students who mimicked guards and prisoners. The experiment went into a downward spiral and was shut down in only six days. As I write I wonder what does happen’s in a person’s head to make them do such cruel acts against another living thing. I was very intrigued by Philip Zambardo’s writing. He was very crisp and to the point of what he was writing. On page 148-149, Zambardo really breaks down the analyzing for the reader by really explain his thesis clearly, which is why do people do evil acts? I agree with page 148 the beginning of paragraph two, why do so called good people get off the hook when a person does a bad act. We as a society assume we have no part in their decision of destruction. I believe in the web of fate. Meaning every life touches another...
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