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Creating Synergy in my life
Gung Ho was a wonderful book of approach for developing and improving organizational culture and performance. Author uses three reassessment guideposts to explain the way to create an organization that contains productive and committed and employees. Three reassessment guideposts are spirit of the squirrel, way of the beaver, and gift of the goose. As I read the book, I evaluated myself, whether the 3 principles are applicable to my life or my church is applying the 3 principles. At first, I thought this book was for businessmen only, but I thought the book could be applied in every aspect of my life. According to the authors, spirit of the beaver represents principle worthwhile work driven by goals and values. This means everyone work together toward a shared goal, and goals serve as ‘marker’ points to where one wants to be. Every year, I set New Year’s resolution, and these resolutions contain what I hope to accomplish by the end of the year. Even though I fail most of the things I set out to accomplish, these resolutions drive me throughout the year. Spirit of the beaver principle also states values guide all plans, decisions, and action, and my life really applies to this idea. My values come from my faith, and my faith dictates plans, decisions, and actions I make. For example, I spend time praying before acting or deciding on things. Way of the Beaver is a principle that states leaders put workers in control of achieving the goal. When I read the principle, it reminded me of coach in a sports game. Coaches usually set starting lineup for a sports team, and they explain the role of each player every game. I think this is one area of life I struggle in as a leader. Since I don’t want to look like a “bossy” figure, I usually do task in hand all on my own instead of relying on others to accomplish the work together. For example, there are more times when I follow the lead and instructions than I make instructions...
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