Response to Eunice Desouza

Topics: Poetry, Marriage, Sentence Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Dear Eunice De Souza ji,
I have a request, I mean an ‘Arzi’;
You write poems for poets and God knows who,
Why not write one about me- that will do;
I read a poem about the Conservative Catholic Society,
Where it was believed, that “marriages are made” by deity; But that phrase is mocked upon there,
And all horrid facts are depicted with a lot of frustration and flare; The true facts not only of the examination , TB and madness, BUT also that of her families financial mess;
This is a major concern for that girl’s life,
As, soon she is going to become a fool’s wife;
At ‘Sweet Sixteen’ the girl thinks she will get’ preggers’ while dancing, I bet she would not even know, maybe the act of balancing;
If, this is the state of the a girl at her teen,
I wonder what she will be when she is no more sixteen;
Her life is such because of those unsatisfied nuns,
Who remove their frustration on brassieres and buns;
Nuns sincerely adviced women to live alone,
But in the 21st century its like being without a phone;
Living alone is similar to a curse,
Or like an abandoned girl without her purse;
They are also told not to kiss with desire,
But if they do then, there is no fun, nor fire.
If the girls are told not to passionately kiss,
When will they perfect the art of marital bliss;
Their life in a hugh tryst,
Silhouetted behind an uncertain mist;
This Oppression of Women must stop,
Or all marriages will be a big flop;
A marriage without the consent of the man and wife,
Would later lead to a quarrel sharper than a knife;
The girl, then would regret such a marriage,
And soon the man would have to send her home in a carriage;
This marriage, thought to have been made in heaven,
Would then end like nine eleven;
Girls should learn to fight for their freedom,
And remove societies ‘evils and earn true wisdom;
There should be heightened objectives for women,
And they should be free from all omen;
They should be able to get their attitudes right,
And not...
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