Response to Eobert Kuttner "The Other Side of E-Mail"

Topics: Internet, Surveillance, Computer security Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: July 10, 2012
The Other Side of E-Mail
In the article “The Other Side of E-Mail,” the author Robert Kuttner explains the dark side of E-mail, even though it offers us many conveniences in communication with our friends. I agree with the author’s opinions after the article, especially the point about the security of E-mail. As author said in the article, E-mail gives us so many benefits, but it brings us some problem at same time. In my opinion, the security of network is the biggest problem. He describes several negative effects of E-Mail. First one is that we might waste too much time in the E-mail and the privacy might be stolen. E-mail gives us more things to do and some of them are pseudo-urgency. Second one is that People can quarrel sometime because they cannot hear tonality from each other. However, E-mail brings a good convenience for the sender. The recipient is presumed to have so much time and interest. He also describes the secure of E-mail. He thinks E-mail is not secure enough. People might make mistake in sending address and your mail might be seen by someone else or your privacy might be circulated on the internet. In the end, he gives the final opinion; although E-mail has many advances, we still need to use it in the correct way.

I think the biggest problem is security. In these days, so much information is stored and disseminated on the internet. That information includes personal privacy, business secret and other sensitive information. Network and security is getting important. The main way to transfer information is E-mail. When you register online banking or gaming account, or even any online purchasing account, you are required an E-mail. If someone hack your E-mail, he probably get the all of your personal information. That will be very danger, it’s just like that you are totally naked frond the hacker, and he can very easy to screw your life up. That is why I think the security of E-mail is the most important thing.

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