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Topics: Fiction, Wilderness, Sleep Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Call of the Wild by Jack London, is a historical fiction novella about a once civilized dog named Buck who struggles for survival in the frozen, Alaskan Wilderness. He if forced to make a decision to be civilized or answer the call of the wild. One theme of this novella is individuals must adapt to survive. This can be seen through the setting, rising action, and changes in characterization.

One way London develops the theme, individuals must adapt to survive, is through the harsh setting of the Alaskan Wilderness. One example of this can be seen when Buck’s wound is causing him a lot of pain. He describes, “A chill wind was blowing that nipped him sharply and bit with especial venom into his wounded shoulder...the frost soon drove him shivering to his feet” (p.18). Buck is hurt, and the cold Alaskan winds are making the pain much worse. He needs to find a way to heal the wound so he can succeed in the wilderness. Another way the author demonstrates this is when Buck has to find a spot in the snow to sleep. “Buck confidently selected a spot and with much fuss and waste effort proceeded to dig a hole for himself” (p.18). Buck is facing new challenges of having to sleep in the freezing Alaskan wilderness after being used to sleeping in a house. He must either find a way to keep warm or succumb to the cold and give up on surviving in the wilderness.

Another way in which London convey’s the theme is through the plot. The first example of Buck’s adaptation can be seen when Buck learns different commands. “Ere they returned to camp he knew enough to stop at ‘ho,’ and to go ahead at ‘much,’ to swing wide on the bends, and to keep clear of the wheeler when the loaded sled shot downhill at their heels” (p.16). In this part of the story, Buck had been a sled dog for quite a while. He has changed his ways and now knows all the commands while pulling the sled. This helps him greatly, now he can pull the sled in any direction or way the people command him to. Knowing...
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