Response to an Art Show

Topics: Art, Question, Mind Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Travis Terry 3/7/09 The Light Side of Things From light filled environments to fans hanging on 40 feet of cord whipping around the room uncontrollably fast, just brakesthe surface of the world renowned artist. Eliassonhas a very unique ability to provoke emotion from his viewers. As soon as we walked into one room a fan was buzzing around and around our heads, sometimes reaching speeds of 20 miles per hour. Everyoneof us were ducking and laughing when it wasn’t even close to us. The name of this individual exhibit was the “Ventilator”, for obvious reasons that I had just stated. It seemed to never stop from room to room I found myself smiling uncontrollably wondering how someone could come up with this and call it art. But really I had been asking the wrong question. Art can be any form of expression not matter what as long as it is used as a pathway by which humans can interact and express their inner feelings. Along with music, dancing, and even tree sculpture, these are all forms of creativity AKA art. Creativity drives us to be who we are and not to be the same as everyone else. Really the only downside of this Exhibit was the fact you could not use your camera. But no worries I was able to sneak a few shots off from my hip. I am including them as proof that I went to this exhibit. Going to museums and other types of art mediums are very pleasing to the soul. That is one reason why meand my friends enjoy going to these events. It gives us time to look at where we are what you want. At least that’s what art does for me. It opens up my mind and makes me try new things. Explore my selfand ask those questions that normally I would just skip right over. Ultimately Art is a form of expression for the artist, but as a viewer Itprovokes passions and thoughts that have been kept down. I highly recommend going to this exhibit being that it is only there for a few more weeks.
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