Response Summary of High School Basketball Coach

Topics: High school, Basketball, International Basketball Federation Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: April 7, 2013
High School Basketball Coach
The article “High school Basketball Coach” James R. in gig, 2001 describes how much the coach loves instructing basketball at a Catholic high school in Pennsylvania. He says that his recruiting efforts have to be extremely discreet and that the school’s athletic director told him to never get caught recruiting players. The coach brags that he has never been caught and does not expect to be caught. Moreover, he never sends letters, leaving no paper trail and is never too obvious about recruiting, but openly admits that he is extremely aggressive. In addition, the other coaches despise him and his recruiting practices, but never launch formal complaints. In fact, according to Coach James R., he lost his lifelong friend because of a kid from an opposing school came to him after a game, to ask him about the Catholic school in which he coached. Furthermore, his basic strategy is to scout players at basketball camps, summer leagues, and other high schools and at the same time, he approaches a player’s parent and asks them if they ever considered Catholic school. Coach James R. states that he even flipped out at a parent when he discovered that his recruiting efforts had failed to attract a talented eighth grader. To summarize, Coach James R. is so focused on winning that in the summers he coaches his team for free and works at camps for very little pay. He does this in hopes of finding new players to recruit and he even said he is so dedicated he doesn’t even have time for a girlfriend. He attributes his winning career to his unwavering dedication and sees no point to coaching if one is not going to be fully dedicated to winning. Reading this article took me back to my high school. I was a basketball player. I used to be a team leader for the school women’s basketball team. After four years of high school, I enrolled in a university. I was awarded a certificate from the university as the Women’s best basketball player of the year. I...
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