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  • Published : November 27, 2005
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Response paper – Museum of Sex (from a 'conservative' person's point of view)

I know that you are thinking, "Museum of Sex?! What was this person thinking?!" But I've been to most of the museums in the city - at least twice. I thought something new and refreshing would be good for me. Well, to tell you the truth, I've always wanted to go to the Museum of Sex. The curiosity of what it might contain, and the excitement of finally being old enough to go to this museum was so great, that my shameful embarrassment of even thinking of going to this museum was suppressed to the minimal. Also, the opportunity was there! Two of my guy friends were planning on going to the Museum of Sex that weekend and I thought to myself, ‘why not?' And that's how this paper was born!

‘MOSEX' – the Museum of Sex. It was expensive, and wasn't worth my time and the effort I put in. I couldn't hide my shock when I entered the museum. It was like a – for the lack of better word - porn shop. The things they showed, the things they sold… I couldn't hide my disappointment, while the guys were giggling away like school girls. The first floor wasn't that bad. They had pictures hung up on the walls, like a real museum. Pictures were a little grotesque, but it was still art (in a way) and I understood it and accepted it. But the second floor was where everything turned into a real porn shop. They were playing different films of people having intercourse; Different places, different people, different positions, and different ages. I practically closed my eyes and walked through that section in two seconds. I wasn't used to those kinds of things, especially showing in a place called ‘museum'. But the section after that was even worse. Next to the few books about human anatomy and how babies are made in a woman's womb, which was presented to us in the glass case along the walls, in the open, they had different sex machines that peopled used many years ago. Yes, machines. Not little ones too....
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